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an ambitious project about interconnectivity, symbiosis, birds, trees, regenerative neuroscience and quantum flux, HOLOBIONT takes Lynn Margulis' idea of species which together form an ecological unit into the realm of contemporary dance and experimental music.

with choreography by Yvonne Ng and Lucy Rupert

performers Augusto Bitter, Victoria Mata, Juan Villegas and Lucy Rupert

music by Jascha Narveson and Lainie Fefferman

premiering in 2025

follow #holobiontdanceproject and @blueceilingdance on Instagram to follow the story of its making.

HOLOBIONT (formerly known as "empty branches") has been developed with the generous support of:

Toronto Arts Council and Canada Council for the Arts

Juan Villegas, Victoria Mata, Augusto Bitter and Lucy Rupert in rehearsals.

photographer: Zahra Saleki

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