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g minor/d minor was created through Fujiwara Dance Inventions solo dance lab and subsequent commissioning project "Belonging".  Going back to the roots of music and place, quirk and form, this is a DIY film project of love, hundredth-of-a-second edits and working with what the un-personned camera catches.

Lament for Solo Computer (film version) created during the days of COVID-19 pandemic lockdown in 2020. Two distinct personalities wrestle with the confines and loneliness of an urban yard amidst a pandemic. Adapted from a 2012 work for theatrical presentation with The Whole Shebang. Music by Jascha Narveson.

Blue Ceiling dance's first self-made film. Winner of Dance Magazine's Video of the Month in 2011.

A playful exploration of the basement of the new house, under its first wave of renovation in 2012.

Collaboration between Paulina Derbez and Lucy Rupert as the Squash Court Collective at The Citadel in 2019.

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