8  minutes 17 seconds

artwork by Pablo Pehadzic



photo of Elke Schroeder in dead reckoning. photo by Omer Yukseker

Blue Ceiling dance is working on our next big project, "8 minutes 17 seconds", premiering in January 2020 at The Theatre Centre.

It's a massive project with 12 performers, a collaborating team of 6 and a dozen scientist-interviewees. Collaborating choreographers include Karen Kaeja, Michael Caldwell, Emma Kerson and Jane Alison McKinney. With special appearances by performers Marie-Joseé Chartier and Hume Baugh.


8 minutes 17 seconds is the length of time it takes light to travel from the Sun to Earth, so we're taking on the behaviour of light on its transit,  some of the physical laws of the universe and the metaphors residing in the science of interstellar space.


Eight sections of choreography -- each 8 minutes and 17 seconds long) gradually bleed over one another as we race towards the end of time and light. What would you do with your last 8 minutes and 17 seconds?

8 minutes 17 seconds is made with the generous support of Toronto Arts Council, Canada Council for the Arts, Theatre Recommender grant from Ontario Arts Council, Toronto Dance Theatre Creative Residency, Open Space program at the National Ballet of Canada and Peggy Baker's residency program at the National Ballet School.

September 27, 2019 at 7:30pm

Swansea Town Hall

95 Lavinia Ave, Toronto 

an informal evening of local scientists, company dancers, sneak peeks of 8 minutes 17 seconds, and chatting about the intersection of art and science. COME CHAT WITH US!

Hosted by Blue Ceiling dance

emceed by Sky Fairchild-Waller

Scientist guests to be announced soon.

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