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Animal Vegetable Mineral is a site-specific work with a naturalist-led hike. Exploring embodiments of each category of matter, the dancers form an ecosystem under stress, and highlight the interconnectedness of all species and our deep need for one another. Audiences explore their local environment and encounter human embodiments in an intimate performance setting.


Originally made for the High Park Nature Centre in Toronto, the piece is adaptable to different ecosystems and environments.

dead reckoning

Perplexing, haunting and slightly mischievous, with choreography by Lucy Rupert and international ballet choreographer Peter Quanz. The launching point for this work of dance-theatre is Sir Ernest Shackleton's ill-fated expedition to Antarctica in 1914 and the mysterious experiences surrounding his life-or-death situation. Three linked dances offer three views of an explorer pursued by an enigmatic "other". 

Lighting Design by Michelle Ramsay

Stage Management by Marianna Rosato

Music by Jascha Narveson and Walter Frank


Half Life is an ambitious work, performed in the round and delving into the deeply personal connections of the performers between their impressions of the universe and the muscle memory stored in their own bodies. A solo created by contemporary bharatanatyam choreographer Nova Bhattacharya for Lucy Rupert leads the way with a creation-of-the-universe story, then expanding into a trio choreographed by Lucy Rupert which covers the processes of scarring, cancer cells and solar storms, to draw parallels between the elemental movement of the universe and the human bodies within it.


"That was everything I wanted in a dance performance." Audience member at 2013 premiere.


photo by Omer Yukseker



The animals are planning an intervention Passionate, quirky, animalistic and ritualistic, this solo was created by Lucy and commissioned by DanceWorks with original music by Canadian songstress and composer Sarah Slean.  The abstract story of an animal whose habitat is endangered, the creature gains insight into its own mortality as the dance unfolds, and she confronts silence, self and the calling of a white light.


photo by Melanie Gordon

The Speed of our Vertigoes
Inspired by the call for artists to make work celebrating 100 years since the original publication of Einstein's theory of relativity, Lucy's most acclaimed solo takes the "thought experiments" of Einstein into the realm of the physical, embodying the active mind, the questioning, rebellious spirit and the unsatiable desire to understand the world and its workings. 
"Virtuostic" (The Dance Current magazine)
"An orchid among forget-me-nots" (Toronto Star)
photo by Jo Grabowski

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