Blue Ceiling dance aims to pierce the soul through investigations at the intersection of art and science, and physical rigour provoked by the imagination. By peering into the mysterious corners of human experience and embodying the natural laws of the universe, we want to inspire compassion and curiosity. Through creation, production, commissioning and touring of new dance and multi-disciplinary works and through the Imaginative Body Classes, Blue Ceiling dance uses the poetry of the body and of scientific language to describe our experience of the world through the lens of poetic naturalism.

Blue Ceiling dance was founded by Lucy Rupert in 2004, as an umbrella for her creative endeavours. She began choreographing as a way to explore and expand her potential as a performer and has maintained this drive as the company’s vision and scope has grown. Blue Ceiling dance has toured nationally and internationally, imaginatively and collaboratively staging evocative, quicksilver performances. 

"I was enthralled by the deft skill and intensity of the Blue Ceiling dancers." Mooney on Theatre


A passionate and hyperkinetic performer, Lucy trained at the University of Waterloo in the Dance and Music Depts. simultaneously gearing for careers in dance and music performance. In 2003 Lucy obtained a Master of Arts degree in History from the University of Toronto.

As a freelance artist in dance and theatre, Lucy has been fortunate to work with noted Canadian companies Fujiwara Dance Inventions, Chartier Danse, Anandam Dance, Sashar Zarif Dance, Little Pear Garden Collective, Puppetmongers Theatre, and Theatre Passe Muraille, and to dance in the works of William Yong, Martha Hart, Allison Cummings and Angela Blumberg among others. She was a regular performer with Theatre Rusticle from 2001-2017. Lucy is a two-time recipient of a Chalmers Fellowship, a two-time nominee for the KM Hunter award in dance, and a finalist for the inaugural Johanna Metcalf awards of 2019.

An avid bird watcher, an astrophysics enthusiast, a conservationist and a bookworm, Lucy lives happily in west-end Toronto with her amazing husband and son.


 8 minutes 17 seconds. Photo by Melanie Gordon

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photo of Lucy Rupert by Kendra Epik