Imaginative Body Classes
and choreographic workshops

Align your physicality with your imagination.

Source your personal imagery.

Get the body moving, get the mind flowing.

Led by Blue Ceiling dance artistic director Lucy Rupert:

A vigorous warm up generating heat and mobility.

Explorations uniting imagery and anatomy.

Deeper explorations with building relationships with space and each other with choreographic elements and repetition.

Bring it home with a 5 minute dance party.

Uniting influences from Lucy's training and performance experience in butoh, post-modern improvisation, contemporary dance, yoga and theatre with her childhood growing up with conservationist parents, there is a strong connection to the imagery of nature, the instincts of the body that lie under intellectual pursuits, and the imagery of physics and cosmology.

These classes are fun and rigorous and connect people to new aspects of their physicality. Suitable for artists of all kinds, anyone with curiosity and a movement practice. We work to discover new strengths and how images can support the technical aspects of performance.

Classes can be adapted to suit specific themes, goals and needs.

Questions? Want to book a class or workshop? 


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