Align your physicality with your imagination.

Source your personal imagery.

Get the body moving, get the mind flowing.

Led by Blue Ceiling dance artistic director Lucy Rupert:

A vigorous warm up generating heat and mobility.

Explorations uniting imagery and anatomy.

Deeper explorations with building relationships with space and each other. Designed to prime the body and imagination for a day of problem-solving/action/thought.


Uniting influences from Lucy's training and performance experience in butoh, post-modern improvisation, contemporary dance, yoga and theatre with her childhood growing up with conservationist parents, there is a strong connection to the imagery of nature, the instincts of the body that lie under intellectual pursuits, and the imagery of physics and cosmology.

Classes can be designed for fitness/wellness goals, artistic goals, or a combination of both. The classes have been offered to professional, recreational and student dancers, designers, actors, musicians, health-care professionals, gym-members, and senior citizens.

Classes are open to any one with a curiosity and drive to move.

Questions? Want to book a class or workshop? 


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