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8 minutes 17 seconds

Premiered at The Theatre Centre, Toronto in January 2020, with a cast of 12 diving into choreography by Lucy Rupert, Karen Kaeja, Emma Kerson and Jane Alison McKinney, a co-creation by  Michael Caldwell and Lucy, with text by Hume Baugh and original music by Jascha Narveson, Marley Rosen and astrophysicist Matt Russo.

Exploring the nature and behaviour of light in transit from the Sun to Earth, and the emotional resonances of a short, finite time frame of 8:17, the work looked at the death of a star, the wonder and pulse of the universe and our own preoccupation with mortality.

Lighting design by Michelle Ramsay

Stage management by Laura Cournoyea

Lucy Rupert, Jane Alison McKinney and Emma Kerson in 8 minutes 17 seconds. photo by Melanie Gordon

dead reckoning

Perplexing, haunting and slightly mischievous, with choreography by Lucy Rupert and international ballet choreographer Peter Quanz. The launching point for this work of dance-theatre is Sir Ernest Shackleton's ill-fated expedition to Antarctica in 1914 and the mysterious experiences surrounding his life-or-death situation. Three linked dances offer three views of an explorer pursued by an enigmatic "other", through lenses of biography, neurology and theology. 

Premiered January 2016 at The Theatre Centre, Toronto

Original cast: Sky Fairchild-Waller, Peter Quanz, Lucy Rupert and Elke Schroeder

Lighting Design by Michelle Ramsay

Stage Management by Marianna Rosato

Music by Jascha Narveson and Walter Frank

Lucy Rupert and Peter Quanz in dead reckoning, photo by Omer Yukseker


animal vegetable mineral

Animal Vegetable Mineral is a moving, impressionistic work in which the ensemble embodies the sensory experiences of life in ecosystems under stress. Originally created for and performed in-the-round at the High Park Nature Centre in Toronto, with a pre-show hike designed by the High Park Nature Centre staff,  audiences experience a sensory journey outdoors, then enter the imaginative world of the artists as they become moss, owls, coyotes, lacewings and electro-magnetic fields in the atmosphere. Available to tour, the work is adaptable to new ecosystems and habitats, addressing the unique natural histories and pressures of the area.

Original cast: Sky Fairchild-Waller, Kate Nankervis, Bee Pallomina, Lucy Rupert, Elke Schroeder and William Yong

Music by: Jascha Narveson

Stage management and lighting design: Alaina Perttula-Anderson

Premiere: High Park Nature Centre, Toronto Ontario. April 2017.

Watch trailer here.

photo of the ensemble by Alaina Perttula-Anderson

solo repertoire

Since 1995 Lucy has been building a repertoire of quirky, quicksilver and thoughtful solos which have travelled across Canada and beyond.

Little Noises (1995)

Butterfly (1996)

Me, Myself and the Ideas of March (1996)

Requiem for a Bird (1997)

Breathing without him (1999)

The speed of our vertigoes (2006)

The Abecedarian (2007)

The animals are planning an intervention(2011)

Lament for Solo Computer (2012)

Frankenstein Fragments (2012)

Winterbellum (2013)

at this altitude (2014)

I can only do this much (2017)

The slow seasons (2020)

standing on fishes (2021)

gmi/dmi (2021)

photo from The Abecedarian by Tom Comet


commissioned works

As well as creating her own work, Lucy has commissioned works from noted Canadian choreographers since 2006, on a quest to learn and expand her skills as a dancer and interpreter.These projects have been predominantly solos, except where noted below.

Martha's Deamon by Malgorzata Nowacka 2006

Just Forget it by Jenn Goodwin 2007

Alaap by Nova Bhattacharya 2013

Search for me in the Wasteland (duet) by Peter Quanz 2016

Break out of the circle and turn away from reality by Karen Kaeja 2021

in progress -- new solo for Lucy by Yvonne Ng, premiere 2024

Lucy in Alaap by Nova Bhattacharya, photo by Walter Lai


half life

Half life layers three independently-created works into one stream of choreography. Starting with the date March 13, 1989 on which the startling coincidence of major solar flares and the death of Lucy's mother both happened, the choreography embodied scientific images of coronal mass ejections (solar flares) and the development of cancer cells. Through constant circling and examining of the dancers' individual connections to scar tissue, the separate streams of choreography become inextricably interwoven.  Performed in the round, the audience becomes part of the circling motion, experiencing up close the breath, movement and raw energy of the performers. The work includes the solo Alaap, created for Lucy by Nova Bhattacharya.

Premiered at Dancemakers 2013

Original cast: Amanda Acorn, Kate Nankervis, Lucy Rupert and Elke Schroeder

Lighting design by Michelle Ramsay

Stage management by Alaina Perttula-Anderson

Watch the trailer here.

photo of the ensemble by Omer Yukseker


11 x forgetting

Excavating a personal experience with concussion and amnesia, Lucy brought together a unique and mesmerizing trio with Jenn Goodwin's commissioned solo Just Forget It.  Created to the music of Radiohead, the work's creative process was stymied and adapted in unpredictable ways when Lucy broke her arm while rehearsing another work. The result is a dance that wanders peculiar paths and darts from meditation to frenzy without apology.

Premiere Dancemakers 2007

Original cast Jennifer Bolt, Bee Pallomina and Lucy Rupert

Lighting design by Robin "Squiggy" Dutt

Stage management by Alaina Perttula-Anderson


Bee Pallomina, Jennifer Bolt and Lucy Rupert photo by Jeremy Brace




Tropic of Cancer

Launching Blue Ceiling dance with a bang, Tropic of Cancer was the company's first official production, a vastly ambitious project bringing 4 dancers and 2 actors into the world of Henry Miller, vivifying Miller's two "Tropic of" volumes as well as his correspondence with writer Lawrence Durrell and the diaries of Anais Nin. Wild and passionate and ridiculous (there were wind-up chattering teeth and a duel with peacock feathers), Tropic of Cancer was also the first and only time Lucy's husband Dennes Pehadzic appeared in a dance performance.

Premiere Dancemakers, Toronto 2004

Original cast: Jennifer Bolt, Jeremy Brace, Brian McDonald, Caroline Niklas-Gordon, Dennes Pehadzic and Lucy Rupert

Choreography by Lucy Rupert with the ensemble

Lighting design and stage management Dylan McDonald

Outside eye: Allyson McMackon

Dennes Pehadzic, Brian McDonald and Jeremy Brace photo by Rebecca Carney

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