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The happyfury project is a commitment from Lucy Rupert to produce an event every year to support small but mighty not-for-profit organizations making an impact in social and/or environmental activism.

Our first event launched April 29-May 6, 2022:

The animals are planning an intervention

a performance reimagined for the camera
a benefit for the Myeloma Canada Foundation

produced, choreographed and performed by Lucy Rupert
video by John Lauener
original music by Sarah Slean
stage management by Laura Cournoyea
artistic assistance by Sky Fairchild-Waller

Thank you to everyone who donated and viewed this magical 2022 version of  Lucy's 2011 solo.

Myeloma Canada was thrilled (and so are we!) with the funds raised.

Stay tuned for our 2023 happyfury project event.
Contact us if you have a suggestion for an organization you think would be a good match for a future benefit event. 


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